Adult Guests

The Young Life Adult Guest Program
Young Life invites you to join us for a once in a lifetime experience - a week at one of our premier, world-class camps. Young Life camping is recognized internationally as one of the most effective ways to reach kids with the message of God's love.
Located in beautiful, unique settings across the country, Young Life camps carry the mission's more than 65-year tradition of communicating to adolescents in a natural setting, away from every day distractions. Timber Wolf Lake is the nearest Young Life camp, located in Lake City, Michigan. Enjoy an incredible week attending one of Young Life's 12 camps equipped with adult guest lodges. The lodges are located at the perimeter of the camps, within walking distance of all the exciting activities for kids.
During the week, you may choose to participate in the high-adventure program alongside campers, or you may just want to relax and observe "from the sidelines." We don't think you'll be able to hold back, but either way, you'll be impacted by a great ministry that's making a difference in the world of young people.
Each lodge, with between six to nine private rooms and baths, is tastefully decorated to rival any exclusive resort. In addition, your stay will be hosted by an individual or couple who, as staff or former guests, will describe the camp activities and ensure you are comfortable during your stay. You may also meet camp staff members during the week and ask questions about Young Life's ministry.
The fee for an adult guest is $55 per night for the 2013 summer camp season. The deposit is 50 percent of the full fee. Come for one night or stay the whole week! Please consider being an adult guest...I like to call it a vacation with a greater purpose - you will not regret it!! If you are interested in being an adult guest, please contact Sarah Kovack at


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